Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Akemi Sleepedia

AKEMI Sleepedia is introducing the Malaysian and Singaporean market with its latest multifunctional, high-tech and ecological fibre innovations in bedding products: Sleepedia Suprelle™ Micro, Sleepedia Suprelle™ Ultra and Sleepedia Suprelle™ Eco Fresh Tencel®. 

AKEMI Sleepedia Suprelle™ Ultra contains extremely fine, anti-dust mite and anti-microbial four-hole fibre technology that is selected for the filling of this product, resulting in an unmatched softness and excellent durability for a maximum comfort while maintaining the shape and firmness.

AKEMI Sleepedia Suprelle™ Micro’s outstanding micro fibre technology has been designed to match the unique characteristics of real down. It offers an excellent thermal insulation in quilts and soft, supportive comfort in pillows, with its ability to return to its original shape. The unique softness of Suprelle® Micro comes from its ultra-fine and short fibres and allows a perfect balance between comfort and technical performance.

AKEMI Sleepedia Suprelle™ Eco Fresh with Tencel® is the eco-friendly innovation in bedding concept specially designed to improve moisture management and air circulation in mattress ticking for a balanced micro-climate which is essential for a healthier night’s sleep. The combination of two complementary fibres – Tencel® and Suprelle® Eco Fresh – offers an effective solution to problems of night-sweats. Mattress ticking made of Suprelle® Eco Fresh with Tencel® allow permanent moisture wicking and excellent air circulation thereby providing a superior breathability and quick drying. The natural and soft touch of the fabric gives the consumers an additional optimal feeling and comfort and contributes to a significantly relaxing and restful sleep.